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Established in 2002 and directed by Mandana Farahmand Pooya, Khak Gallery is one of Tehran’s distinguished art galleries, with a solid background in visual and contemporary arts

The gallery organizes monthly exhibitions throughout the year, ranging from photography and painting to installation and performance. Many of the past cutting-edge events have been received by the Iranian art community and critics as being sharply insightful and challenging contributing to a better understanding of the idea of curatorship and supportive for the growing art market in Tehran.     

The gallery regularly features works by prominent artists but is also open to exceptional young artists acting as a venue for showcasing emerging talents.

Our mission is to create favorable conditions for the presentation and sale of contemporary artworks providing a platform for the introduction of various categories of contemporary arts. We hope to achieve for Iranian visual arts the appreciation it deserves on an international scale.

As a progressive contemporary art gallery, Khak has maintained an ongoing commitment to bridging the significant gap between the new arts and the community. The gallery’s website is regularly updated with details on upcoming, past and present exhibitions. Moreover, selected works can be purchased through the website.


Mandana Farahmand pooya

Curatorial Director & Co-founder


Banafsheh Seraj



Bavand Behpoor