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Annual Review ( فارسی )


Writen By sina Dadkhah

Hamed Rashtian

Regarding Hamed’s competent artworks in the past few years,He is completely seasoned in creation of alluring and reflective three dimensional works. Partially his work path has shown us how he is obsessed with architecture and surrealism. With a glimpse into his two recent artworks in gallery’s annual , It is easy to determine him returning back to his unique path: well made architectural replica alike works which make us remember our dreams and nightmares and challenge our comparison of reality like a labyrinth puzzle.


Bita Fayazi

This time a piece of poetry inspired this creative and experienced artist to make a large and marvelous three dimensional artwork. Her art piece is made of a detailed divided horse which has been created by a skilled and diligent team. This artwork makes us wonder the moments that we were “ The pin” or “ The horse” ; When we were the spark which started something or when we were the excuse to end everything. Bita has always astonished her audience by her outstanding experiences. Her ability in switching over feelings and presence has made her one of the most notable contemporary artists.


Gholamhosein Nami

He is from the golden age of Iranian modernists. His name recalls admirable and long lasting experiences in visual arts. This time Khaak’s annual is acquiring his artworks which are revolving around desserts or to be precise “drought”. Moribund and patient are two words that describe desserts deeply and they are mean to be a metaphor for comprehending the world where we are living in. The color crusts which crossed the frame , The small scales and warm colors that recall warmness fascinate eyes with the first glimpse and make us watch past , present and future with complete pureness in a simple frame.


Kourosh Shishehgaran

One of the Iranian modernism masters , Kourosh Shishegaran invites his audience to fascinate them with his powerful , vague and vibrant lines. Undoubtedly Shishegaran’s minimalism is under influence of the Iranian modernism movement. Observing his works - no matter how long it takes to purely communicate with them - connects us to the art which is trending internationally because of the concepts he is using are not limited to a specified culture ,this is why everyone can communicate with his works.


Narges Hashemi

Young artist with a bright future ahead , This time she has participated to the annual with a completely different kind of artworks. It portrays the everyday life of women under roofs - usually in the house it is meant to inform us of another aspect of their lives : “women only” parties , house keeping , proposal parties , joys and fatigues , All of these in clever elegance in using readymades , painting with marker and pen on plastic and parchment paper and a background which is messing with the concept of high art…


Ali Etehad

Undoubtedly with “stage photos” which recall Iranian forgotten decorative traditions , He reminds us aspects of our forgotten collective subconscious. In his artworks we can notice mythical implications by installation of a woman who is wearing heavy make up , peacocks and horses. Ali Etehad’s artworks which have the signature of his very own hyperrealism are an opening to a reality that is way too different from what we perceive from our daily routine.” Theatrical “ is an appropriate word to describe both Etehad’s pieces in Khaak’s annual and this is one of many features that can relate to his artworks.


Kambiz Sabri

This time Sabri’s interest in pop art has been found itself wandering in the skies. The fancy mixture of blue woolen pillow with clouds spreading everywhere and many small human figures which they seem like entering a paradise at the top of the sky , fascinates every audience at first glance. Possibly he had evanescent keen on Rene Magrit’s pieces but no it’s not possible…Unquestionably what we see is an artistic blend of Iranian characteristics with an appropriate dose of western culture and this means as always Sabri is standing in the right place.


Nazar Mousavinia

Nazar with his remarkable symbolism and using symbols artistically leads us to the mysterious world of Gothic .It seems like we are reading “ The lord of the rings” ; but this time symbols inside and around the women who is sitting in the middle proves us that symbols have different meanings in different periods though this young artist who pictures our nightmares can be considered as one of the best neosymbolisits.


Ardeshir Rostami

Rostami portrayed his digest of life in “ Meeting(Didar)” series and Khaak annual is honored to have this opportunity to exhibit one of his artworks from this series. Although we generally know Ardeshir Rostami because of his memorable book cover designs , handmade calendars and acting in “Shahriar” series but this time we are getting to know him behind the rocks and in the middle of torn rocks. His patience in details made the artwork so imaginative and it seems like it is a self-portrait of this skilled painter and designer.


Mehran Elminia

Undoubtedly Eliminia is one of the best Iranian painters in the last few years. Aspiring works , jazzy colors and his obsession in details makes it difficult to interpret his art pieces. He uses the pure meaning of expressionism : absolute self expressing in colors and lines…After watching his work we feel our sense of aesthetics challenged, no-one can be insensible while facing this overripe  - this stormy ocean like -  work because the artist has made his work depending on instant feelings of his audience.


Benyamin Tavakoli

Skilled in sculpting horror . Fear that exists in our collective memories is way beyond horror movies .We can notice the terror in a kid’s senseless eyes that puts us to a huge shock at the first glance. A charcoal black protome which can be symbol of death ; it seems like he wants us to recall the first fears we had in our childhood. Certainly Benyamin is one of the most serious persistences in black art.


Einaldin Sadeghzade

This time he has shown Iranian traditions way differently and aside from his old calligrams.His vibrant lines and his pure utterance can prove that he is keen on expressionism and in the other hand we can say he’s under influence of Iran’s art from past and present. We can follow the clues of his adventurous characteristics in all of his artworks , that is why his audience find them selves wandering in Iran’s contemporary art history while watching his works.