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Europeans get surprised confronting the new movement of sculptures in Iran ( ENGLISH )


نویسنده Translation: Khak Art And Design Studio

The mixture of industry, technology and art has caused the enormous and well-made sculptures of Masoud Akhavan own the spotlight and attract numerous artists and art lovers to themselves. 

According to HonarOnline, the breathtaking scale and outstanding material which has been used in these sculptures, is stainless steel, its solidity is two times more than steel and it is known as one of the firmest and the most resistance alloys of the new era. Also smooth cuts and artistic trims made the material as a mean to present Iranian historical backgrounds. All these, made the art enthusiasts discuss the new movement of sculpture in Iran. In addition to meaningfulness, this movement include a contemporary expression and also technology.

This is the second time that Masoud Akhavan is present with his sculpture in GAA foundation pavilion in Venice Biennial. This foundation recently has changed its name to ECC and is highly active under the name of European Cultural Center Italy.

The sculptures displayed in this biennial “human troubles” and “metamorphosis”; the first one is based on society criticism and the other is based on Iranian myths. These two sculptures from May 11,2019 were on view in Giardini Mariensa.

ECC foundation, a non-profit European institution, this foundation acclaims that with the intention of increasing the knowledge in the matter of philosophical themes in contemporary art, specially time, space and existence has lead them to construct this pavilion. Regarding to this intention, brilliant oeuvres has been collected from all over the world for this pavilion.

According to a text, published in one of the European publications :”The ups and downs and all the troubles we go through as a living human being, is a source of inspiration for Iranian sculptor, Masoud Akhavan-Jam. His curiosity about human beings can be seen in his sculpture displayed in Venice”. 

According to Akhavan Jam: “ while making critical decisions, people always have the right to choose for themselves, personally and vice versa, I really wanted to follow this theme in my works”

“Metamorphosis” - 207 x 80 cm-functions like a reminder of the significance of collaboration, when intending to improve economically or socially. His beliefs about these subjects are not expressed beneath the words, his triennial sculptures which include a bull, an elephant and a deer, Hakhamaneshian and ancient Persia myths where the muses of these oeuvres.

Akhavan-Jam: “ I wanted to show the part that each individual has in a society and their ability to live along together in peace. The mutual strengths among the citizens are the necessity of a living with high-quality. “

Akhavan-Jam insists that his work has become figurative in the matter of time, most of his works have been abstract but as the time passed his works became some kind of conceptual art. He thinks that his recent interest to work figurative is related to the society problems and his concerns about contemporary human beings. 

About the subtle cuts made out of this severe material he adds: This is also a method for showing meaning that was in my mind, I am in love with creating a harmonic beauty out of this type of material, also I enjoy confronting with paradoxes and difficulties. 

Although Venice Biennial is taking place in boiling days of Europe, Masoud Akhavan is looking forward to his up coming projects. He said smiling: “ I am constantly thinking of new projects, I am surrounded by my designs and also I enjoy the excitement of people that observe my works.”

Masoud Akhavan Jam, (b. 1969, Tehran) he immigrated to Germany for studying when he was 14 and in 1989 he went to US for continuing his studies. He is an alumni of George Washington University and majored in biology. Then in 2005 he has obtained his MA from Campton university of applied science in Germany. Akhavan-Jam has been the Director of the design section in the home appliances factory that has been running through his family’s hands. In the 80s he has made hundreds of ceramic sculptures and some of which has been sold. His first solo exhibition was in Etemad Art Gallery in 2013, then he had several exhibition in various galleries such as Niavaran cultural center and Shirin Art Gallery, in addition to these, Akhavan’s artworks have been displayed in Art Abudhabi and Art Context Miami. His works have also been presented in auctions such as Magic of Persia in Dubai and in 2016, 2017 and 2019 has been presented in Tehran Auction. His last exhibition was in Khak Art Gallery in February 2019. 

2 sculptures ny Masoud Akhavan Jam along with the artworks by artists from all over the world in ECC foundation in Giardini Mariensa Garden are on view until November 24, 2019.