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Unique faces of one ( فارسی )


Writen By Mohammad Sarabi

Self portrait, what the exhibition is called, is known as a kind of art which the artist paints his own face but at first sight, the 31 paintings on the wall, in Khak Art Gallery, look so similar and complicated that they make the visitors think. Mandana Farahmand, the gallery director says that the art works are carefully selected from the contemporary ones and that they try their best to please the visitors. She also adds that there have been a painting exhibition and performance by Reza Derakhshani, a photo exhibition by Kamran Adl, installation by Mohammad Reza Lahooti, illustrations of Ardeshir Rostami, graphic designs by Ghobad Shiva and some art works of Reza Bangiz. Last spring there was another exhibition of Kourosh Shishe garan’s art works in Khak. 30+1 works There plays a nice music in the gallery. The main painting with a large size contains several colourful bands pitched into each other. At first it reminds you of a classical portrait. The other 30 ones are digital designs printed by computer, a combination of different colours. Shisheh garan is standing there, answering visitors’ questions. A teenager asks him about his art education and he explains that he went to art school and studied interior design at university. He adds that there are certainly other ways to enter the art world. Another asks if Shisheh garan runs any courses. He says that he used to teach in some classes and at the University of Art, and that he will probably start to teach after his workshop gets ready. A lady asks him if he is fond of expressionism or if he believes in copying other works. He claims that copying is useful to start but that later you should improve. Another lady asks him about his favourite painter, Marcel Duchamp, Paul Cezanne or Picaso. Busy with talking, everyone noticed the entrance of someone special, Mahmoud Dowlat Abadi, the old well-known writer of our time. Shisheh garan starts to talk to him and explains how he tries to show a man with different faces in different situations. The man might not deliberately do so, but Shisheh garan wants to demonstrate the complicated challenge inside the man. Dowlat Abadi titled the exhibition “unique faces” and explained that it implies the several faces one can wear in life. One of Shisheh garan’s friends introduces his daughter to Dowlat Abadai, happily telling him that he has named his daughter Maral after a character in Dowlat Abadi’s novel. The author of Kaleidar then takes some pictures with the visitors.