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The Amorous Earth ( فارسی )


Writen By Kamran Adl

I was still a young photographer when I first came across a photograph of a mud church in New Mexico , taken by Adam Clark Vroman in 1899 . It was an arresting shot . It showed a church in mid-desert , surrounded by naught . Forlorn and lonesome . The space and atmosphere of the photograph made an impression on me . It was in black and white and poignant . Ever since , I have paid special attention to earth and mud buildings . After my return to Iran from France , I used to take some of the crowd who wanted their portraits taken to the derelict mud houses outside Tehran and tried to photograph them in those surroundings . Moreover , when I worked for the National Iranian Television as photographer , traveled the entire country and shot mud houses . At last , I was rife with mud houses , but mot full . They say everyone thirsts for water , but I thirst for earth . In the Tabas Arg Citadel , when I was photographing Seyed Ali Mirza , I was abounding with pleasure and , naturally , the Bam Fortress was my Kaaba . In 1998 , I was sent to Mali in Africa by the Agha Khan Foundation to photograph Djenna . Djenna is an ancient mud city which has been designated a Unesco World Heritage Site . Despite the extreme , breath taking heat in this area , I spent ten days shooting the city ; it is also available on CD at this exhibition . My outlook on earth is a special one . I see earth as sexy and earth buildings are not only sexy , but also erotic . To understand this feeling , you only have to look at the adobe architecture of Iranian villages and pay attention to its domes . In Iran’s mud architecture , even the colours are sexy and erotic . Look attentively at the photographs is this exhibition and the meandering patterns of the mud walls . Do you not feel like touching them ? And caressing them ? And feeling them ? I have named this collection The Amorous Earth due to the richness of secrets and silent prayers embedded in it to behold .