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Stones live too ( فارسی )


Writen By Iraj Mirza Alikhani

This is the first time that I write while I am still in a gallery and I am listening to a pleasant music. The atmosphere is great and friendly and the music- perhaps with African words- is not familiar to me. But what is the difference! Not knowing the lyric doesn’t really matter, what matters is that it takes me where it has come from. I have the same feeling towards painting and this feeling has inspired me to write. There hung a painting in front of me named “Stones”. “Stones” which have always been interesting to me, however; the stones here are colourful and, apparently, in reality we can not see their kind. You can not really tell if they are just colours or coloured stones but anyway, they are astonishingly created. The painting itself, simply takes you away to a dream, a childhood dream. The colours have been set up to play with you or on the other hand tempt you to play. Not to play with them, but to play with yourself, with your mind and your hands. They even tempt us to paint. Painting is a simple job just like playing with stones on a beach. I don’t really know. I might be attracted to these paintings because I am so interested in stones even if not all the paintings include one. But today, I just tend to talk about one of the art works and let the rest to the other visitors to judge. This is a painting with a white background. The white base will lead us to the world of colours while the colourful stones drag us back to the white base. The stones are friendly to each other. They are not rough at all. They look committed to stay together, calm and peaceful. Although in different sizes, they get along well. They are in peace and perfect satisfaction. It is as if they are told by a master to live like that. But no! They are genuinely peaceful. This is really a beautiful painting and so is life. Iraj Mirza Alikhani Esfand 15th 1385 Khak Art Gallery