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Homo Sapience ( فارسی )


Writen By Courtesy of Khak art&design studio

Homo sapience, a brilliant collection of sculpture from Masoud AkhavanJam. He is an Iranian contemporary artist, who has been involved in industry for long years. This exhibition explores his tireless fascination with art practices. This gathering of figurative forms enters him into a new and uncertain future of his career all made of castings of stainless steel. In the first glance, these works while showing off their exquisite technic, may cause their admirers to wonder whether they are male or female. This mixture of devotion and completeness is vividly apparent in these works based on figures in innovative forms and a material which reflects the images of the visitors while they are turning around and at the same time, excitingly discovering the new aspects of the works. Remarkable use of movement with clever utilization of surfaces has led to movement and undoubtedly it is one of the most significant characteristics of these works along with the flawless usage of material. This new material develops the eyes to judge the technic as a new approach to contemporary sculpture scene. Stainless steel is highly used in architecture and industry but Masoud AkhavanJam drawn people’s attention to the beauty of the stainless steel in sculpture.