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Visual artist, musician and performer Reza Derakhshani was born in Sangsar, Iran. Finished high school with a degree in mathematics in Semnan and studied visual arts at Tehran university and Art...

Bita Fayyazi


Bita Fayyazi was born in 1962, in Tehran where she lives and works. She is Sculptor, installation artist and ceramicist, She works in a performative and markedly social practice. An installation...

Kambiz Sabri


“Kambiz Sabri was born in1967 in Iran. He became familiar withthe arts during his childhood at the “institute for Intellectual Development ofChildren and Young Adult” in Shahrood, where he...

Einnodin sadeghzade




Mojtaba Ramzi is an Iranian sculptor who was born in 1973,Tehran. He started his artistic career in graphic and continued in Painting and Animation directing. He's been working as sculptor for...
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